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The uniqueness of a hand-crafted good, with quality and attention to detail.


From someone who cares about putting

something well-made out into the world.

I strive to make my pieces crafted with care

and to the best of my abilities.



I founded Red Devil Works in 2011 after graduating from a Bachelor's program for my current career.

It is my outlet to being creative and working with my hands in a way that has always spoken to me.

My draw to it has often been my love for problem solving and trying new things. As I create, I try to elevate the quality of what I make with every batch. My passion for learning and creating has driven me to work with many materials and try new things often. It continues to drive me to create each piece to the best of my abilities, while constantly improving what my best can be. I know that every product counts, and always hope it finds a home with someone who will love having it be a part of their day to day.


Would you like to get in touch? Reach out, I'm happy to hear from you.

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