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Actually "handmade" goods? Yep! From very start to very finish. 
I make all the items available on the website. Most from absolute start to the very finish. And if there is ever any products/add-ons that are not handmade by me they will definitely be noted in the item description.

​Even with the dice: from modeling in Blender, 3D printing, molding, casting and finishing! I do the whole process from start to finish myself. I even designed the font for the numbers to be able to create a unique dice that I hope people will enjoy in every campaign they are used in.

For other items whether hand sewn or machine sewn, I am the seamstress behind the needle.
Other machines in my arsenal:
Bibo FDM 3D printer
Anycubic 3D printer
Dowin Laser cutter

It’s a lot of work, and a lot of laborious hours but I do my best to put my best into everything I put out.

Processing/Shipping Information. 
Please note: there is processing time on orders. I'm a one-man shop so I can only go so fast, but I will do my best to get things out promptly.

Made items: about 3 days
Made to order/custom orders: We will work out a timeline together of when things can be expected.

​​Unfortunately, as such a small business I cannot provide free shipping without increasing item prices equally, and I prefer to be transparent about where your money is being split. 

I do my best to make shipping prices as fair as possible. I understand even with some of the best discounts I can offer, these prices can sometimes be daunting, but rest assured, I make no profit from them.

​I try to upcycle and reuse boxes and packing supplies whenever possible. 
​So, your orders may arrive in boxes from different companies. I will only reuse materials in good condition. This will not affect the safety of your package in transit..

Cancellations: I accept cancellations within 6 hours of purchase. If I haven't started the order it can be longer, but I do try to get things out as soon as possible.

Returns: Due to the nature of handmade, I generally do not accept returns, but I work on a case by case basis. If you have a problem with your order, please contact me. I'll do what I can to help.

Leather Care: Leather is pretty forgiving. For most items, rubbing it down with a damp cloth will be just fine. In general, try to keep it dry and out of rain, but a little will not kill it. For things like journals, be careful not to get the interior wet for obvious reasons. For items like bracelets/journals/earrings use of leather cleaner and conditioners are perfectly alright. Just watch out that they are not black/brown tinted, as those will stain the original colour. 

Metal Care:
 95% of the jewelry findings I use are, at least, silver plated. I try to use rhodium and surgical stainless steel whenever I can, because both are hypoallergenic and do not tarnish. The silver will tarnish, but can be buffed and shined again with any metal polish rated for use on silver, and a soft rag. 

Shipping Info
Leather/Metal Care
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A  - Grade
Great makers learn a lot through making.
These dice are made with my newest masters and showcase all the skills I have learned through the process of becoming a dice maker. 
They will have: minimal to no micro-scratches, minimal lip edges/mold marks, sharper corners, and will have a mirror finish.

B - Grade
Imperfections give character.
These dice are where I really started to perfect my craft and techniques.
They are made with my original masters. They may have: some micro-scratches, slightly more mold marks, some slight corner dips, and may not have a perfect mirror finish.

C - Grade 
We all have to learn somewhere.
These dice are where I began. Whether they are my very first sets, or the first times I tried new techniques. They are the building blocks of my journey. As such, they may have not had as light or precise a touch as needed at the time of creation. 

These dice are straight from the molds. They may have a little clean up of mold lips but it is not guaranteed.
There is no sanding, finishing or painting. The rest of the journey is up to you. 

All dice are made by hand from very start to very finish. 
Please be aware: there may be some imperfections present no matter what tier they fall in. Such as small mold marks — this is par for the course with handmade dice and will not affect the way they roll. 

Consider this is a general guideline as each pull of dice can have their own unique differences. Please check the listing's description for additional information on each particular set.

Dice Care
The dice are made of epoxy resin, which means they are pretty resilient and strong. However, some tricks to keeping your dice in their best shape is to roll them in a dice box, or on a mat. Rolling them on hard surface like stone, glass, etc. can dull edges. 
Keep them out of very hot weather for extended periods, like hot cars in the summer. Hot temperatures can soften dice slightly and while they will harden again once cooler, the mirror finish could suffer or they could have been more easily scratch while in the hot environment.
Keep your dice stored out of direct sunlight. Sunlight's UV is like the bleach from the sky. We've all see in on pictures that have faded. Prolonged direct sunlight can fade dice and their colorants too. As well as speed up the natural yellowing process that all resins go through over the course of time. 

Cleaning: If you spill something on your dice, wipe off as quickly as possible. Do not submerge in water as that might affect the inking. Use window/glass cleaner to clean dice. Spray on a microfiber cloth first and then gently rub dice clean. 

Dice Tiers
Dice Care
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