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Art Comissions

Along with handmade goods, I also offer artwork commissions.

The number of slots available will be dependent on my schedule and will change accordingly.

Waitlist will be available if necessary.


Contact Options:

1. with "Art Commission Request" in the title and a brief description of what you are looking for in the subject.

2. through the Google Form Submission button at the bottom of the page. 

3. Contact me through one of my social medias. (This will likely lead to email in the end. But the initial DM system is quicker.)

Prices are based off a single character price tier, multiple character pieces can be arranged at adjusted price points. Provided work is intended for non-commercial use and does not include reproduction rights.

Slots:  Available



These chibis will be sketched, inked, given base colours and basic cel-shading. Best results come from existing picture ref.

Please be aware, complicated details will be simplified on Chibis for design unity. Think full body tattoos, minute garment

details or extra complicated weapons and/or armour. Groups (3+) rates available.

Regular – $40

Laser Engraved Standee of your Chibi Available - $20 + shipping