Saturn Sands Dice set - Finished - Painted

Saturn Sands Dice set - Finished - Painted

Handmade Dice set of 7 including:  D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, and a D20

Set of 10: Extra D20, and 2 extra D6 available for this set.


A mix of transparent turquoise with red-gold pigment shift powders that gleams a brilliant green-blue in the light. Shimmer beautifully in the sun. Light turquoise inking. 


Please be aware: these dice are made by hand so there can be some imperfections present. Such as small mold marks — this is par for the course with handmade dice and will not affect the way they roll.


Additional marks:

d8 - extra mold mark

d6 - extra mold mark

Please see FAQ for more info

Made items: about 3 days processing

Made to order/custom orders: depends on the item and schedule. We will work out a timeline together of when things can be expected.

Cancellations: I accept cancellations within 6 hours of purchase.

Returns: Case by case basis.

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