Frozen Dreams Dice Set - Glow in Dark - Painted

Frozen Dreams Dice Set - Glow in Dark - Painted

Handmade Dice set of 7 including:  D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, and a D20

Additional Set Dice: Extra D20, and 2 extra D6 available for this set. (Makes a set of 10)


An icy transluscent blue with light blue inking and glitter particles. In the dark they glow an icy blue as well, and recharge in the sun or under UV/blacklight.


Please be aware: these dice are made by hand so there can be some imperfections present. Such as small mold marks — this is par for the course with handmade dice and will not affect the way they roll.


Additional marks:

d20 - pot mark (between 10 and 17 face)

d10 - extra mark (5 face)

d8 - extra mold marks (on 4 and 6 face)

Extra d6 - extra mold mark (on 1 face)

Please see FAQ for more info

Made items: about 3 days processing

Made to order/custom orders: depends on the item and schedule. We will work out a timeline together of when things can be expected.

Cancellations: I accept cancellations within 6 hours of purchase.

Returns: Case by case basis.

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