3D Printed Dice Masters

3D Printed Dice Masters

What you are purchasing?

A fully cured set of 7 SLA printed dice masters, that will come clipped off of their supports.

A d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20

(also a couple tester pieces, if available at the time)

Wexton - crystal d4 shape

All other fonts - Caltrop d4 shape


If you would like to clip them off yourself you can request in the special notes to leave on the bases. However: Sometimes bases get damaged in removal from the build plate. So I will leave the bases on, but if one rips off during removal it will come without the base, as is.



Please know, these dice are printed with specialized 3D printing resin that is NOT the same as the hard durable resin that is used for making cast dice sets. These are intended to be cleaned up and used for making molds. The material is more brittle and if used for rolling they will be prone to wear and chipping.


5 fonts available.

Sometimes the mood of a dice is everything. I picked these out of many options to try to cover a variety of genres. From bubbly to fantasy and sci-fi and a very classic but elegant thin font.


These dice DO NOT come sanded. That legwork will be up to the purchaser and will be a necessary step for a smooth glass-like finish. You can sand to whatever level you find right for your project, but I reccomend looking into 'micromesh' or 'Zona papers' for finishing.

I personally sand my dice masters from 150 grit to 14,000 grit (and no that is not a typo, 3 zeros is correct).


IMPORTANT: If you are unfamiliar with 'cure inhibition' I highly reccommend looking it up before purchase. I UV cure the masters very thoroughly, but there is no guarantee that this will not happen with platinum-cure silicone. Be prepared to treat your sanded masters to prevent it.

Please see FAQ for more info

Made items: about 3 days processing

Made to order/custom orders: depends on the item and schedule. We will work out a timeline together of when things can be expected.

Cancellations: I accept cancellations within 6 hours of purchase.

Returns: Case by case basis.

Dice Master Fonts
Printing Resin
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